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quality concept: assure quality and pursuit win-win meet the customers' quality requirements 

economically through the setting up, implementation and improving of quality management system. we strive to achieve"full participation, quality first; emphasize the process, focus on the result; refinement,innovation and continual improvement".

nhg keeps close to ohara and learns deeply its  refined management idea of 4m1e change management(man, machine, material, method, environment), pdca, 5w1h and san gen shugi.  under the help and guidance of ohara, nhg reformed process, changed system documents, trained employees, revised management method for abnormal equipment, improved materials, method and  environmental working conditions in view of mhg's production characteristics of optical glass. to improve continuously and trace, verify, improve problems of localization changes, quality control department pushed ahead change management mode in the whole company based on continuous improvement began in august 2009. the full swing of change management mode improved process control capability effectively and laid strong foundations for anomality detection, anomality improvement and system analysis. 

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