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optical glass is essential to optical element for optical instrument. nhg, with complete variety, is one of the primary producing companies at home and has high visibility at abroad. the company adopts all electric melting technology, electrical mixed smelting technology, precision small furnace technology and precision annealing technology to provide more than 140 eco-friendly glass, anthanide glass and low softening point glass, and their optical properties reach the international leading level.


the main varieties are fk、qk、pk、k、zk、bak、qf、f、zf、zbaf types and anthanide glass, etc.

the main product specifications are block, strip, bar, direct part, secondary part and so on.

 applications: telescope, microscope, riflescope, camera, movie projector, admeasuring apparatus, analyser and other optical parts of optical instrument.

1、classification and designation of optical glass types

2、optical properties

3、chemical properties

4、thermal properties

5、mechanical properties

6、quality definitions

7、forms of supply

8、comparison table

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