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7.1 strips 

a strip has two cut ends and four naturally formed surfaces. the glass is coarse or fine annealed.  

7.2 products cut from round rod

these products are cut from a precisely round rod formed on a center less grinding machine or by secondary drawn rod process.

tolerances of outer diameters and thicknesses for products cut from round rod are shown in table 17.

表17  table 17               单位units: mm

7.3 products with specified shapes 

products with special shapes (rectangles, prisms, etc.), specified sizes

7.4 others 

if any optical glass of special specification or large size is needed, please contact the salesman.

we have listed nhg’s glass types and corresponding types from hoya, ohara and schott. in this comparative table, types in the same line are only same or similar in glass codes, have nothing to do with glass composition.





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