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we have developed a series of low softening point glass
by admin   2019/9/3 18:23:51   

nhg has a series of various low softening point glass materials, 21 types in all. 

low softening point glass materials are controlled by -30℃/h annealing to reach the standard values, and the allowable ranges are: nd±0.00050,υd±0.5%. 

we can provide temperature coefficients of refractive indices every 20℃ from -60℃ to 160℃, thermal expansion coefficients of every 10℃ from -50℃ to 160℃, comparison table of refractive indices before and after precision molding, reference table of refractive indices at different cooling rates, etc. we can also provide technical support of aspheric precision molding according to customers’ demands.

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